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Buying or Selling A HDB Flat in Singapore

Buying or Selling A HDB Flat in Singapore? Contact Us For Professional HDB Resale Services!

How do you buy a HDB resale flat in Singapore? Or conversely, How do your sell a HDB flat in Singapore? What are the rules of eligibiltyfor HDB transactions? Will HDB prices go up or down? How do the cooling measures affect the buyer? offers professional and expert services to help HDB  buyers or sellers complete their HDB transactions promptly and with less effort. There are a whole list of time consuming considerations such as researching HDB resale prices, searching for the right flat in a good location and viewing HDB flats negotiating transaction prices. There are also HDB rules and timelines to consider and paperwork to take care of. Missing documents at the HDB appointments can result in delays. Many buyers or sellers attempt to buy or sell without professional help only to realise later that it is more complicated then initially thought. Professional help by an experienced agent will make the process easier and save time and effort on the clients part.

People go through a HDB resale procedure or a HDB resale transaction for various reasons:

  • Downgrading to a smaller flat e.g. after the children have grown up and left or upon retirement
  • Selling in anticipation of taking delivery of a new flat from the HDB such as a BTO HDB flat
  • Upgrading to a bigger flat e.g. when the family outgrows the existing flat
  • Upgrading to private property

Singapore HDB flats are constant changing hands. Whatever the reasons for resale, there are several processes that need to happen before a successful HDB transaction:

  • Is it the right time to buy or sell?
  • Search for a new property. "Niche" properties like HDB jumbo flats and maisonettes can be harder to find
  • Advertise in the media or search the property websites for suitable properties, placing classified ads
  • Research the resale pricing that applies to your location of interest e.g. HDB price index and the latest HDB resale prices
  • Figuring out what is going to happen around your new flat in the future e.g. the construction of a new MRT station or a columbarium
  • Arrange for viewings and selecting the right HDB property
  • Completing option and other legal documents
  • Getting a HDB valuation report done and knowing if you are getting good value for your money
  • Looking at resale financing e.g. MSR or Mortgage Servicing Ratio, maximum loan tenures and so on, looking for a banker to assess your loan
  • Following HDB guidelines, rules and timelines
  • Paperwork preparation
  • Ensure successful and event free HDB 1st and 2nd appointments
  • Figuring out renovation and moving in/out schedules

All these processes take time and expertise and will be an extra burden or source of stress for those working fulltime. Even for those who are working at home or in part time employment there are still rules and regulations that the home buyer has to figure out. offers expert help to the HDB seller or HDB buyer to ensure a smooth and efficient, no nonsense HDB transaction experience. Our comprehensive resale checklist ensures that all the HDB transaction steps are covered.

Please use our contact form or call 97323160 to discuss how we can serve you best. We operate on an exclusive basis for serious buyers or sellers only and will strive to make your transaction as efficient and as effortless (for you) as possible.


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